May 9, 2017 Webinar: O&P Fabrication is Changing

Featuring CAD/CAM experts from Great Lakes Orthopedic Labs and Friddle's Orthopedic Appliances | taught by Vorum and Guest Panel
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In 2016, more O&P clinics in the U.S. and around the world switched to using Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) tools than in any previous year.

Listen to T.J. Daley from Great Lakes Orthopedic Labs and Mike Lavezzo from Friddle's Orthopedic Appliances to learn how this will affect you?

View this one-hour webinar to get answers to these important questions:

  • How are the productivity gains of 400- 600% changing the business of O&P?
  • Can digital tools help practitioners improve patient outcomes?
  • Are these technologies affordable? What are the leasing and pay-as-you-go options?
  • What mold or device central fabrication services are available?

Complete the short quiz after viewing the webinar to earn CE credit.

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Vorum and Guest Panel
Vorum and Guest Panel